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Heat Transfer Lab

Water To Water Type Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

The unit is to determine heat transfer rate, heat transfer coefficient, LMTD. The unit consist a two design, mild steel shell houses the copper pipes. End box for shell which carriers a baffle at the center to make the heat exchanger of two pass type. cold fluid passes out side the tubes in the shell. Hot water flows inside the tubes. Temp. of hot water & cold fluid measured by thermometer. Flow rates and temp. Of hot and cold fluid can measure.

Air To Water Type Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

The unit is to determine Heat transfer rate, heat transfer coefficient, LMTD & effectiveness of heat exchanger in laminar as well as turbulent flow of air. A m..s. shell,in which copper tubes are fitted, baffle in the end box make the tube arrangement two pass type. Cold fluid is air enters the shell and flows over the tube. Hot fluid is water obtained from geyser & flows through the tubes. 25% cut baffles are provided in the path of air. Measuring tank for water flow rate, Orifice with water manometer for airflow, thermometer for inlet and out let temperature.

Plate Type Heat Exchanger

The unit is to determine heat transfer rate, LMTD, heat transfer coefficients and effectiveness of heat exchanger. The unit consists cold and hot fluid obtained from geyser. Inlet and outlet connections are positioned to make the Exchanger counter flow type. Hot and cold fluid pass between alternate plates

Regenerative Heat Exchanger Apparatus

The unit consists of two columns filled with steel balls. Two blowers are provided for hot and cold air. The columns are filled with steel balls one column is getting heated by hot air while other by cold air. Thus alternately columns are heated and cooled and operation is continuous.